AMS Trading Group

Professional traders use the AMS tools for several reasons…
It gives them a real edge…which helps them to be a better trader.

Our tools have been thoroughly tested by our own traders.
They create a clear trading edge and allows you to make more precise entries and better timed trades using information others do not possess.


Be around traders in our [free] room that is open 24/7.

This will also be used for education purposes and a stream that is broadcasting real time charts.




AMS Trading Group uses advanced Volume Profiles, DeltaPrint and Order Flow to enter, exit and manage trades. 

Our development department also produce charts for a wide range of products, for example the ES (S&P 500), NQ (Nasdaq), YM (Dow Jones), CL (Crude Oil), GC (Gold), 6E(Eur/Usd), ZB(30yBond), FESX(Euro Stoxx), FGBL (Bund) and the FDAX (Dax) to be used in Investor RT and NinjaTrader 8.

AMS Trading Group LLC
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The Netherlands
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