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Professional traders use the AMS charts for several reasons…
It gives them a real edge…which helps them to be a better trader.
Our tools have been thoroughly tested by our own traders.
They create a clear trading edge and allows you to make more precise entries and better timed trades using information others do not possess.




AMS Trading Group uses advanced Volume Profiles, DeltaPrint and Orderflow to enter, exit and manage trades. We mainly focus trading on the ES (S&P500 E-mini future) and FGBL (Bund future).

Our development department also produce charts for a wide range of products, for example the NQ (Nasdaq), YM (Dow Jones), CL (Crude Oil), GC (Gold), 6E(Eur/Usd), ZB(30yBond), FESX(Eurostoxx) and the FDAX (Dax) to be used in Investor RT and NinjaTrader (coming soon).

AMS Offers A Complete Range Of Trading Tools

AMS DeltaPrint

Get more insight in the real time market.
A candlestick only gives you the Open, High, Low, Close. Spot the most aggressive side and act quicker with the DeltaPrint©.

AMS ZoneDecoder

Realtime support and resistance indicator. Not based on lagging indicators, it will update realtime. It uses volume and orderflow to determine levels based on statistics.

AMS Pullback Statistics

See the activity since the last price extreme of the current bar was created. Monitor the moves off the high and low of the current bar to provide you with a very detailed view of shifting orderflow.

AMS UnderTheRadar

This algorithm provides high probability turning points and buy and sell signals in real-time. An extra benefit, that it is optimized for 4 products, each with their own tweaks and settings. ES, Crude Oil, EuroStoxx 50 and Euro-Bund futures.

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