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SnapShots – Spot a Bottom Using AMS DeltaPrint

Posted on Nov 21,2018

Sorry but little time to post this evening as it’s been a busy night in the overseas markets.  I’ve always traded these markets for reasons I’ll discuss in “The Wizard”…

Pointers – Late Day ES Flash

Posted on Nov 18,2018

Here’s a late day “flash” trade on the ES contract caught on “MarketDelta” at the close of trading. A hugely positive “Delta” at the last minute of trading signalled an…

Introducing “The Wizard”

Posted on Nov 18,2018

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away . . . wait a minute, wrong draft but all things considered an appropriate way to introduce “The Wizard” ….

SnapShots – What The Screen Shot Tells You

Posted on Nov 12,2018

I’ve been through screen after screen of information, complimented by an intermittent personal history in platform development and fully comprehend the “power of the screen”.  Everyone has the information.  It…