AMS BookFlow©

Tape-reading simplified.

  • No filters. No aggregation. Full Transparency
  • Gain new price action insights
  • Make informed trading decision
  • Stay one step ahead of the curve
  • Never lose track of market depth action
  • Observe other market participants’ actions


The BookFlow can be used in NinjaTrader 8 [FREE].

What am I seeing?

The BookFlow visualises real time data in a way you wouldn’t be able to see with conventional charts. It shows real market data in high detail by using the tickdata in your datafeed. These Footprint charts are a must have for every professional trader focusing on orderflow.

What do the numbers mean?

Let’s say one price shows 998 x 462. The number left are contracts traded on the Bid (998) and the numbers on the right side are contracts traded on the Offer (462).
You can see the buys and sells inside each price bar that are being made in real time and how it’s impacting price.

How does that help me?

It gives you a very detailed footprint of how the flow of the market is in real time, giving you the opportunity to act on that. Trapped buyers and sellers are easily spotted so that will give you an extra layer of information.

Settings Panel

Create bid/ask profiles based on orderflow data which shows you the delta for each level. See acceleration, deceleration, absorption and high volume levels in a single, intuitive graphic. As you can see in the settings panel, the combinations you can make are endless!

Investor/RT platform

NinjaTrader 8 platform

Delta Imbalance

This layout type applies an algorithm that highlights important order flow imbalances. It does all the work for you and interprets “buy” and “sell” imbalances in real time.  

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