FREE NinjaTrader 8 Tools

What’s Included With The
FREE Tools

  • PriceLine
    Visually showing where the last trade, bid or ask is in real-time. NinjaTrader 8 does not have this built in on default.
  • ZigZag
     Indicator that shows swing information.
    You can plot swing Delta, Hi/Lo Price and swing Size (ticks/points)
  • VWAP
    Can be used to overlay charts while keeping Footprint numbers readable due to the “block” type. (Volume Weighted Average Price).
  • Reversal Bars
    Volatility-based bars type. The building of such bars is based on a similar concept as the Point and Figure. Particularly used for Footprint charts. Many traders who employ MarketDelta prefers to use Point and Figure (PnF) periodicity with Footprint charts. With AMS RevBars this type of periodicity is available to NinjaTrader 8.

°Footprint® is a registered trademarks of MarketDelta LLC

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  • QuickMenu
    No more endless waiting for reloads after changing your settings.
    Change your settings instantly without chart reload.
  • License Manager
    Activate and de-activate a license yourself, instantly, always.
    No more waiting to get your Machine ID approved by a 3rd party.
  • Our Settings are easy to use
    Don’t get stuck figuring out how settings work and what to use.
    We also provide free template files go get you started.
  • Speed, accuracy, stability
    Our fast and clean code provides you great stability.
    More importantly it will give you the greatest accuracy,
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