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SnapShots – Spot a Bottom Using AMS DeltaPrint

Sorry but little time to post this evening as it’s been a busy night in the overseas markets.  I’ve always traded these markets for reasons I’ll discuss in “The Wizard” blogs over time.  There’s 50 years of commodity trading experience to impart upon those who read what I post.  As often as possible I’ll attach an AMS DeltaPrint chart and talk about the signal received.

The ES started on the downside but soon, using a 12 bar reversal pattern within 15 minutes of the open the selling dried up or as I look for was absorbed.  After a -198 Delta to kick the night off the next four Deltas showed the buyers taking anything that was thrown at them.  Simultaneously you saw the iceberg orders on the buy side around the 2,632.50 level in the fifth column then, kaboom.

I post because it is only fair that anyone who uses AMS Delta Print should (1) see how someone who uses it to make decisions and (2) to get you to sign up for the one-month “test drive”.  Thanks for reading now go give it a try . . . and if you need some help, ask.

Pointers – Late Day ES Flash
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