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SnapShots – What The Screen Shot Tells You

I’ve been through screen after screen of information, complimented by an intermittent personal history in platform development and fully comprehend the “power of the screen”.  Everyone has the information.  It is of greater interest how the information is displayed.  Face it, we all have access to more data than we need.  Give me the data I want to see and that is exactly what AMS DeltaPrint (c) tools do.  AMS presents information in a clear, unambiguous manner giving instant visual decision-making traders with tools that work.

This SnapShots article illustrates a “buy signal” for a Soybean trade.  Without expanding upon the background work that brought this commodity into focus let’s look at the following “MarketDelta” and “MarketProfile” snapshots.


In MarketProfile, on a fifteen (15) minute setting, the volume concentration around the 884.00 level is obvious.  To “old timers” like me a break above 884.00 would provide a great higher level of support above 881.00 making it a bit easier to hold positions overnight or even longer.



In MarketDelta, on a twelve (12) point reversal setti9ng, is one of my favourite tools.  In this “snapshot” one of my favourite AMS DeltaPrint (c) tool provides the signal.

Across the bottom of the screen shot “Delta” and “DltaDay” clearly present real time information showing that the Soybean contract is absorbing sellers at the 881.00 level.  The volume at this level should have pushed prices lower but “Delta”, even though slightly negative says “buy” . . . and we did.

These AMS tools are truly a gift.  Real time information clearly presented in optimized “visually friendly” formats separates AMS from others.  While easy to use how each trader utilizes AMS DeltaPrint (c) tools is unique and that is a good thing.  What works for you is what is important.  The Wizard looks forward to sharing our use of the DeltaPrint tools and your suggestions, submissions, thoughts, experience and more.  Let’s learn from each other.

Thanks for your interest in what we are doing.  Any questions, speak up,  Once you use the AMS DeltaPrint (c) tools you’ll wonder how you made trading decisions without them in the past.  Information presented in a clear, logical yet flexible format is priceless . . . and that is exactly what the developers of the AMS DeltaPrint (c) tools, professional traders in their own right, have done.

Join us at AMS, it will be well worth your while . . . and tell them that “The Wizard” sent you.

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