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Order Flow Trading Glossary

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Spoof | Spoofer | Spoofing

A Spoof order is one that is placed in the market, where the trader has no intention of having the order filled. Spoof orders are placed in an attempt to manipulate other market participants into believing that there is more liquidity at a specific price or prices, than what is really available. The Spoofer will allow price to get close […]

Volume Delta

Delta normally is used as an options Greek that describes the rate of change of the underlying instrument to the rate of change of the derivative tracking it. It is also called the “hedge ratio” in that context. For me however, Delta describes the quantity of contracts bought at the offer minus sold at the […]

VPOC | Volume Point of Control

The Volume Point of Control (VPOC) in Market Profile terms stands for the most commonly traded price closest to the center of the range. Since I am not interested in old-school market profile letter-based measurement of trading activity, I only focus on volume-based profile. Significance of VPOC is that this is the price that saw the most acceptance by both buyers […]

Weak/Poor High or Low

t is easiest to illustrate what a Weak or Poor Low by discussing what a Strong or Excess Low is. When the market moves lower and finds that prices are just too low to be fair, the traders generally immediately drive price higher as buyers grab up as many contracts as possible at the perceived low prices. This generally […]