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How do I control Charts

To control the charts you can initially open the menu up from any segment.
Menu button which is available in any segment: 
From the menu you can select Charts, which is right below Audio.

When you have selected Charts, a menu will open nu like in the example below.
All the available screen shares are shown and depending on your room access you can see them or not.
To show a screen share, click it and it will start to show in the segment or which you selected the menu.
If you have just one screen share on you can also start or select on from the bottom right, by clicking on “Charts”, where the number after it will show how many are available for you. In this case (3).

To adjust the position of the chart you can left-click-hold and drag it to the position you want.
You can also zoom in and out, by scrolling up and down with mouse selection somewhere in the chart segment.

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