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How do I send a private message

So send a private message, you can click on someone’s name in the chat.
Here is an example:

Next to the “TO: ” you normally see in which room you are active.
When you click on someone’s name in the chat the active room changes in their screen name, in this case “marlin”. This means from this moment on you are typing private to Marlin and only Marlin can see it.
To which back to the public room, you click on the red box with their screen name in it, and you can select the room again to where you want to post publicly. A shortcut for this is, when there are posts available on your chat screen, you can also directly click on the room name to change the private room to the public room you click on, like this:

When you click IMPRO here, it will switch from private to IMPRO, without opening all rooms, which will happen if you click the box next to “TO: “.

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