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One Time Framing or 1-TF-ing

One Time Framing is a way to describe how the auction is performing over 2 or more bars. One Time Framing can help to provide an indication of which side is in control.

One Time Framing Up indicates that the low of each bar is higher than the low of the bar directly preceding it (higher lows). There doesn’t have to be a higher high for this to be valid. One Time Framing Down indicates that the high each bar is lower than the high of the bar directly preceding it (lower highs). There doesn’t have to be a lower low for this to be valid.

Once the pattern of higher lows or lower highs has been broken, One Time Framing is considered to have ceased. The concept of One Time Framing can be applied to bars of any type of periodicity, but is traditionally used when referring to Weekly, Daily or 30 Minute bars.

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