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Let’s Trade Something Else

Believe it or not there are other instruments to trade other than the indices.  If you have been trading more than five to ten years you know that.  You’re aware that “real world” commodities exist, with historical, seasonal patterns that can be modeled beautifully with AMS DeltaPrint tools.  Same goes for all grains, softs, metals and especially the currencies.

Identifying the trends, entry and exit points are similar to what many use for indices but there is a difference.  It might be a good idea to have information at your disposal regarding supply and demand, plantings, weather, harvest and in some cases how talks among major national powers are unfolding.  Seems like a lot but after fifty years it’s all in our ledger books that tells us when to trade and when to stay away.  Right now it’s soybean and coffee time but a few currency contracts are lighting up the screens.

We’ll start with our favourite that being Market Profile.

From this shot it appears that all facets of what one looks for are present, tops, bottoms and a concentrated resistance level.  Great, just what we want to see on any Market Profile chart.  Off to DeltaPrint.

It seems there is a pretty strong level of both support and resistance on this chart as well.  Bottoms are being bought and tops are being sold over this five to six point range.  Not sure how you trade but at $50.00 a point this range is more than acceptable to trade.  Besides, if you are wrong then setting a stop a couple points in the wrong direction doesn’t create havoc in your account.

There is much more that we can teach you about how to trade these types of commodities using AMS DeltaPrint but not enough time to do it in one blog.  Many have turned to AMS to take you that step forward.  We can show you how OrderFlow and FootPrint will work for you.  Don’t be embarrassed, even with 50+ years of trading experience it took me about three months to perfect the tools we employ.

If you are interested in not just downloading but really learning how to use the AMS DeltaPrint tools in your trading prognostication then contact us at AMS at and we’ll help you select the right tutorial program to fit your needs.

Take it from one who admits that while it took me longer to learn how to use these tools it’s the best time I ever spent.  Join the club and take advantage of the experience we possess.  You will be happy you did.

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