MrTopStep EURO PRO traderoom

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Bonus: You will get the MrTopStep Money Maker for MD Charts

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We’re at the end of the beta testing the EURO PRO room, time flies! The price is going to be $150, but we would like to offer you an introduction  offer of $99 a month, for life! And things are only getting better. 

What do you get:

  • Streaming charts, showing BookMap and MarketDelta

  • LiveSquawk audio updates

  • Niels@AMS will be posting trades 

  • Share and collaborate trade ideas 

  • Structured updates during the day

  • Monthly themes, to help you with trading on levels, with subjects like, stress reduction, nutricion, meditation, exercise, mindset etc…..

  • Monthly Webinars

Pretty good deal right.  Secure your lifetime discount now.


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Welcome to the team!

Better Entry Decisions

Swim with the current of the market. Understand the context of the market you’re in and identify more ’high expectancy’ trades while avoiding more ’Low expectancy’ trade opportunities.

Better Exit Decisions

Read the charts to minimize loss on your losing trades and maximize gain on your winning trades. Determine when it makes sense to hold for a bigger profit and when it makes more sense no to.

Better Long Term Results

Your job description as a successful trader: Professional Decision Maker. Learn to make the best possible decision and given moment and let the results take care of themselves.

Official MarketDelta partner

Not familiar with MarketDelta Charts yet? Here are a few highlights...

Charts, 140+ Technical Studies, & Drawing Tools

With 20 different chart types,140+ technical indicators, and numerous drawing tools, MarketDelta makes it easy to build the charts and layouts you need to succeed as a trader. Lots of options and unparalleled levels of customization help provide the necessary edge to differentiate yourself and to compete in today’s markets.

Footprint® Charts

MarketDelta is the inventor of the Footprint chart. A Footprint® is an individual price painted on the chart with a unique color that contains volume or some other market statistic. Stacking Footprints together creates bars, similar to what any candlestick or bar chart would present. The primary difference, and thus advantage of the Footprint® chart, is it shows each individual price within a bar AND displays value added information such as volume at price, order flow, buy/sell pressure, and other valuable statistics so that you can react quicker and have much greater insight to what is happening.

Profile Indicator

One of our most popular indicators, you can accomplish just about anything with it.

  • Long term volume profiles
  • Automatic high/low volume levels
  • Daily and intraday profiles
  • Value Area & POC for current day and previous
  • Naked POC
  • Time or volume profiles
  • Compute last X Profiles – this allows for merged profiles.
  • Much more.

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