AMS DeltaPrint Setup

Welcome to AMS and thank you for signing up!

We will guide you through the process on how to setup your charts
for the 1st time. Please carefully read the instruction below.

After signing up the installer will be available right away, if you missed it you can find it over here:   Software download / License key area

The installer will automatically put all the files in the right place,
ready for you to use. There is nothing you have to do, but to
activate the product.

The installer will guide you through the steps below and after running NT8 you only have to fill out the license key once. You can do that from the Tools Menu -> AMS License Manager in the NT8 menu. That is where you can fill out your license key to activate the product. You only have to do this once. With the AMS licensing manager you can easily deactivate your license to use on any other computer, whenever you like.

After successful activation you can
start NT8. Recommended: 64-bit version.

Connection your datafeed

You can use our software with every data feed that connects with NinjaTrader. For example DTN IQFeed, Rithmic or Kinetick.

If you do not have a data feed yet, you can apply for a free demo with the link below.

If you download NinjaTrader you check the option
Yes, I would like to receive FREE LIVE MARKET DATA”.
You can use that to power the Continuum connection.

You can do so over HERE.

1. Menu > Connections > Configure 
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The Workspaces are the easiest way to get started. It will open up three main charts. DeltaPrint, BookFlow and MarketProfile *.

You can choose from a numbers of instruments, which all the preset settings for that instrument. For example, AMS vx.xx ES will open up the Workspace for the S&P E-mini.

Since Tick Replay is being used and all three charts are being opened simultaneously please give it 1-2min to completely load depending on your CPU speed and internet connection. When you see the SessionStats populating the chart that will give a indication the load is completed. 


1. Menu > Workspaces
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Create your own chart with the Templates:

  1. New > Chart, in the NinjaTrader 8 menu.
  2. This will open a new window where you can select the instrument and template.
  3. First select the instrument you want to use and then select at the top right dropdown select the template file you want to use that is installed automatically.

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Depending on the type of template file you also want to set the right type of periodicity.
Initially it will be on a 1 minute chart.

For DeltaPrint use we always recommend using the AMS RevBars.

Normal       6-8 tick Reveral
Higher .  10-12  tick Reveral

Normal:  10-12 tick Reveral
Higher:    14-16 tick Reveral

The “best” option will depend on volatility and personal preference.

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