AMS PriceLine NT8

The PriceLine indicator draws a line at the current bid, ask or last price. Visually it’s a way for traders to see where current price is in relationship to where price has been previously.

On default NinjaTrader does not have such an indicator, you will see it will be very helpful to see the movements of the real-time market.


The AMS PriceLine indicator can be used in the charting platform NinjaTrader 8 [FREE].

Settings Panel

Create bid/ask profiles based on orderflow data which shows you the delta for each level. See acceleration, deceleration, absorption and high volume levels in a single, intuitive graphic. As you can see in the settings panel, the combinations you can make are endless!

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AMS PriceLine Features

Key features:

  • Print a horizontal price line which is fully customizable
  • Support fractional price format for ZB, ZF, ZN…
  • Let you recolorize the price marker with your favorite color


  • Instruments: CFDs, forex, futures, indices, options, stocks
  • Interval types: timebased or non-timebased, standard or custom
  • Chart styles: any


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Fully configurable & customizable with ease

Compatible with

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