Pullback Price Statistics

Pullback Price Statistics©

The Pullback indicator shows the activity since the last price extreme of current bar was created.  If a high was last created, activity since that high became the high will be shown in the Pullback indicator.  If a low was last created, activity since that low became the low will be shown in the Pullback indicator.

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It is periodicity independent, which means it does not matter what periodicity you choose.  The Pullback indicator will monitor the moves off the high and low of the current bar to provide you with an intra-bar way to monitor buy and sell volume as price trades.

Product features

  • Works with IRT’s Core Platform
  • View Buy Volume and Sell Volume 
  • Fully customizable coloring
  • Setup up your chart to any periodicity
  • Free templates / definition files 

Current release: version 1.2

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Free definition files for you to download and use 



What happens after signing up

After you sign up via this link [ signup ] you will instantly receive an email with your license key and link to the installation file. Download the installation file and close down IRT. Run the installation file and open IRT again.

Add it to an existing chart you have by pressing the “Insert” key” (or add right click in the chart and go to Add Technical Indicator), select RTX Extensions and click on AMS_Pullback.

After adding it to your chart you still need to activate the Pullback indicator. To do so, double click in the currently opened up chart and select AMS_Pullback. Then you will see all the options/settings (and feel free to test it out) with above a text box where you can fill out your license key as provided in the email and press “Activate”. Now you’re all set!

The Pullback indicator is not showing up in my chart

Please make sure you have correctly installed the files with our installer file. 
You can check this by going to C:\Users\{Your username}\InvestorRT\dll and make sure AMS_Pullback.dll is present. If not, close down IRT and run the installer file again.

If the file is present in the folder described above but the Pullback indicator is still not showing you have to make sure the license is actually activated. If you are not sure, please click “Deactivate”, check your license key and click “Activate” again. 

Do I need Investor/RT to use the Pullback?

Yes, you need Investor/RT [IRT] to use the Pullback. Check here for more info: www.linnsoft.com.

On how many charts can I use the Pullback indicator?

You can use the Pullback indicator on as many charts as you want.

I want a refund, what shoud I do?

We have a 7 day FULL refund policy. If for whatever reason you would like a refund within the 7 days, just send us an email to info@amstradinggroup.com with subject “Refund” and you will be refunded within 24 hours. We would very much appreciate you letting us know why you would like the refund though, but that is up to you.

I travel a lot, do I need to buy another license for my laptop?

No you do not need multiple licenses. The way we have it setup you can deactivate your license on one computer and activate it on another.
To do so you have to go to license key field, where you previously activated it and press “Deactivate”.

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