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With FootPrint charts one sees more than just a candlestick; one clearly observes unfiltered market dat inside the candlestick more quickly and in the highest detail possible.

DeltaPrint (c) is complemented with AMS tools, including but not limited to Market Profile, BookFlow, Session Statistics, Reversal Bars, a 24/7 chatroom and more in the pipeline.

The DeltaPrint can be used in the charting platforms
NinjaTrader 8 [FREE] and Investor/RT.

What am I seeing?

DeltaPrint (c) visualizes and illustrates ‘real time’ data in a manner traders cannot see with conventional charts.  Using tick data from your data feed DeltaPrint (c) through its FootPrint charts shows real market data in a clear, highly detailed format.  These FootPrint charts are must have for every trader focusing on order flow.  If you are not focusing on it you should be.

What do the numbers mean?

In the illustrated sample, one price bar shows “998 X 462”. The “998” number on the left illustrates contracts traded at the “bid” while the “462” number on the right illustrates contracts traded at the “ask”.
Traders see every “buy” and “sell” inside each price bar as the trade is made in real time and its impact upon price.

How does that help me?

This clearly presented, highly detailed FootPrint illustrates the flow of the market in real time, giving the trader greater opportunity to timely react to current market conditions.  This extra layer of information illustrates “trapped” buyers and sellers enabling traders with more accurate trading levels and ranges to react to.

Delta Imbalance

The DeltaPrint (c) format applies a proprietary algorithm highlighting critical order flow imbalances. It continually interprets “buy” and “sell” imbalances in real time doing the hard work enabling the trader to interpret clearly and quickly what is displayed.

°Footprint® is a registered trademarks of MarketDelta LLC

Newly Released AMS v4.0 FootPrint & OrderFlow Tools

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MarketProfile charts enhance the identification of where one is in the trading day, defining support and resistance levels with greater accuracy and clarity employing volume and TPO profiles.

Session Statistics

Session statistics presents cumulative volume based textual information for each price bar.  Each item is shaded based upon its relative value with custom colours available for buy volume, sell volume, total volume and text.  With respect to price levels, Session Statistics can plot Volume and Delta Profiles for today’s, yesterday’s or the “last ‘X’ number” of days on the right hand side of the display.

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