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To get the most out of the tradechat, here are some instructions.
This will help you out to get sorted in the case you have never used Tradechat before. For example how to turn on the screen share or turn off message alert sound.

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TradeChat FAQ

How to change rooms

When you click on the current room, this menu opens up, showing all rooms and all users.

The available rooms will still depend on your subscription as it is usually two or three that you can see. The green dots mean that the chat will be shown in the general chat box that you can currently see. If you want to mute one or more rooms, simple click the green dot and it will turn red and then mute that specific room.

How do I turn off and on message alerts

To turn off the message alerts, click the setting icon on the right of the chat input.

There are more settings there that you can adjust, but the message alert setting is at the top.

How do I control Audio

To control the audio select Audio from the bottom right.
When you have clicked Audio a popup window opens up which is called Audio Control Panel.
Here are the available audio channel shown.

In the example only the LiveSquawk is available with a green dot, which means it is turned on.
By clicking on the dot it will turn red and will be muted.  You can also adjust the volume level by dragging the dot in the Volume column left or right and in the example shown at 50.

How do I control Charts

To control the charts you can initially open the menu up from any segment.

Menu button which is available in any segment:
From the menu you can select Charts, which is right below Audio.

When you have selected Charts, a menu will open nu like in the example below.
All the available screen shares are shown and depending on your room access you can see them or not.
To show a screen share, click it and it will start to show in the segment or which you selected the menu.
If you have just one screen share on you can also start or select on from the bottom right, by clicking on “Charts”, where the number after it will show how many are available for you. In this case (3).

To adjust the position of the chart you can left-click-hold and drag it to the position you want.
You can also zoom in and out, by scrolling up and down with mouse selection somewhere in the chart segment.

How do I turn on the MiM and other widgets

To turn on the MiM, you have to open up the menu that is available in each segment in the top rigth.

It looks like this:

When the menu has opened you see a list with available content

To turn on the MiM, select the MiM (4th from above) and the MiM will start to show in the area where you opened up the menu.

To open up other widgets, the same routine applies.

How do I resize the screen

To resize the screen you can left-click-hold and drag to the desired position to made the area you want to adjust bigger or smaller. The example below points out what is looks like.

How do I send a private message

So send a private message, you can click on someone’s name in the chat.
Here is an example:

Next to the “TO: ” you normally see in which room you are active.
When you click on someone’s name in the chat the active room changes in their screen name, in this case “marlin”. This means from this moment on you are typing private to Marlin and only Marlin can see it.
To which back to the public room, you click on the red box with their screen name in it, and you can select the room again to where you want to post publicly. A shortcut for this is, when there are posts available on your chat screen, you can also directly click on the room name to change the private room to the public room you click on, like this:

When you click IMPRO here, it will switch from private to IMPRO, without opening all rooms, which will happen if you click the box next to “TO: “.

How do I block a user

To block a user you need to right click their name to open up a menu.
Here is what it looks like:

To “block” a user, you select “Hide” and it will hide all posts from that user.

Also, if you want to solely see what they have posted, you can select “Show Only”.

How do I ask for support

If the chat is not working, please make sure you use Chrome.
When there is no audio please make sure you have the following setting on “Allow”.
You can open this by clicking left of the web address in your browser.

When this does not solve any of your issues, you may send a message in the SUPPORT room.

When you also do not have room access you can contact Marlin at



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