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Stage 5 Trading is a high-end boutique brokerage firm whose primary objective: to enhance the experience of traders by implementing systems that encourage traders to grow. We feel that Stage 5 provides a more structured trading environment, better trader support services, and a larger variety of independent solutions to better assist traders in reaching their brokerage goals.


At Stage 5 Trading, our traders always come first.  Our team consists of a tenacious group of individuals that combines experience, technical knowledge and resolute values. We base our relationships with our employees, partners, and affiliates on a long-term perspective and value-assessment.


S5T is built around the trader’s needs. S5T is a new class of brokerage that seeks to reach beyond just providing market access at a competitive price.


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Theoretical Average

With the S5 Trade Analyzer, you’ll have access to the stats that provide unique insights into your trades. The goal is to benefit from key metrics generated by every trade. This powerful tool works in REAL TIME and is FREE to use with the S5 Trader.








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